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Auto CPAP / Bi-level Ventilator


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Enjoy Breathing

The airway design that complies with fluid mechanics to improve air duct performance. Increase the flow rate by 20% and reduce the impedance by 10%, ensuring user can inhale more air, and easier to exhale.

Magnetic Field Orientation Control System

The upgraded motor quickly responds to the inhale pressure, and realizes real-time air leakage compensation.

Acoustic Noise Reduction Design

The sound and audio adjustment technology is used to adjust the high frequency noise to the sound frequency that is inaudible to the human ear.

Design Features

VGPS Smart Mode

Monitoring total volume changes more accurately, and gradually adjust the inspiratory pressure following the user’s breathing to meet the desired total volume.

Smart Humidification

Optimized humidification design, continuously adjusts humidification output according to ambient humidity, reduces condensate, and maximizes

Central Apnea Detection

More reasonable and accurate adjustment of pressure to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep, for patients comfort.