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Wasbaar nano-masker

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THE THIRD GENERATION MICRO-POROUS TECHNOLOGY is made of microporous membrane technology, with a small pore size, and uses physical principles to filter particulates in the air.

The new filter membrane can be rubbed, washed and disinfected lightly, non-disposable.

  • High density outer layer
  • Washable & wrinkle-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Nano-microporous
  • Filter membrane
  • (Including non-woven backing)
  • Sterilization
  • Cotton skin-friendly layer
  • Hygroscopic, breathable and sterilizable
  • New material nano-microporous membrane.
  • Respond quickly, from taking microporous membranes to changing to nanoporous membranes for filtration.
  • High-filtering and low-resistance microporous membrane composite material has become a traditional melt-blown cloth as a substitute for blocking micro-it dust.
  • The surface has a spider web-like micropore structure, with hundreds of millions of micropores per square centimeter, and the pore size is electron microscope between 100-200 nanometers, so the surface has a good filtration function, tested according to the requirements of GB 2626-1 95%.
  • The difference between the nano-micro multi-porous fiber membrane and other fiber filter membranes under the microscope:
    Filtration efficiency ≥ 95%
    According to GB 2626-2005 6.3 (KN95) standard requirements of the filtration efficiency